Which Design Features Cater to Animal Lovers ?

People love their pets and think of them as one of the family. But some house designs are more pet-friendly than others. From special pet beds to fur-friendly sofas and pet-safe flooring, find out which designs cater most strongly to animal lovers.

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Many pets need grooming, especially if they have long hair or fur. Dogs and cats can benefit from a groom and some have a room in the home designated for grooming, such as a boot room or wet room. Some modern homes can incorporate special grooming zones for their pets and use counter height platforms to enable their pets to get up high for a proper groom. They can also have large showers and bath tubs designed for furry pals.

Cat-friendly walls

Pets can also have bedding areas designed for them in most owners’ homes and these can vary from a basic cat snug to a huge multi-layered play station. Homes can use these design features to make a room cat-friendly. For example, placing lots of wooden platforms at various heights around the walls of the room make the place comfy for cats to people watch and feel safe out of the way. They can also look like a funky wall decoration and an alternative to art work and posters.

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Safe flooring

When it comes to flooring, some floor solutions are better than others for pet comfort and safety. A slippery floor can be a nuisance for a dog’s feet, while a floor with more grip can give pets the security they need when walking around. Polished wood can also get damaged by pet claws, so this is an important consideration. Laminate flooring is a good choice for pet-friendly homes. This flooring is available from many stockists, such as http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/cheap-laminate-flooring.html, and offers an affordable, attractive, safe and easy to clean surface.

Pet zones

It is not only the pets that benefit from grooming stations and pet-friendly spaces. Owners get to keep their pets contained in a special area which makes it easier to clean up after them. A large dog can get quite messy at bath time! So this makes sense to have a special zone prepared, with grooming products and all the essentials you need to clean your pooch. Bedding can also be contained in its special area for easy cleaning.