What to Look for in Boarding Kennel Companies

When you are taking off out of state and have to leave your dog behind, it can be a very worrisome time for everyone involved. In order to make sure you are looking out for your dog’s best interest, you will want to make sure the company you choose has the resources to feed your animal properly, compassion, and safe housing. Not having these things in a boarding kennel can often lead to your dog being neglected which in return will put stress and worry into life.

What to Look for in Boarding Kennel Companies


Make sure that any type of boarding kennels melbourne that you use have the resources to keep your dog fed and watered is extremely important, especially if you are going to be away from an extended period of time. Before making a final decision and paying costs upfront, be sure to ask them where their water supply is and what type of food, they will be providing your dog with. If for some reason you do not agree upon the brand of food they serve, you always have the opportunity to bring in enough food to last your dog for the time that you will be on vacation.


Compassion is necessary for any company that is boarding dogs while their owner is away on vacation or a business trip. For first timers, the dog may be very timid and the only way to help them out of their shell is to show them nothing but kindness and compassion during their stay. A great way to find out if the company suits your expectations on this subject is to read their online reviews or contact other people you may know that have placed their dogs in that companies care in the past. This will help put your mind to ease knowing that your dog will be cared for and loved during your time away.

Safe Housing

Safe housing is a must with every boarding company for dogs, because without it, dogs would simply will roaming around free in the streets or getting in fights with other dogs onsite. Before you drop your dog off, be sure to ask for a tour around the facility so you can get an idea of what they have to offer and figure out if the kennels they will be placing your dog in is adequate. Most boarding companies should have chain linked cages on the front with a sturdy lock in case the dogs being boarded have separation anxiety.

Choosing the perfect company to house your dog while you are away from home should consist of finding a place with safe housing units, compassionate staff members, and a variety of resources to make sure your dog is fed and kept healthy. Not looking into these three things could easily result in your dog running offsite or being neglected while you are away. Tips to making sure this doesn’t happen to you is to conduct an interview with the owner and look through their online reviews for the opinions of other dog owners.