Top Zhu Zhu Pets Accessories and Zhu Zhu Animal Play Devices

At the moment you are most likely to have heard rumors behind the latest toy madness that is preparing to take over America this holiday season; Zhu Zhu Pets. With their ability to behave, react and adapt to their environment such as genuine Hamsters, this small “pet” engine has aroused crazy shopping madness that rivals past holiday crazy toys like Tickle Me Elmo and Furby. Zhu Zhu Pets itself is quite attractive to many owners, but there are also many game sets and other accessories available, with a variety of playsets specifically that can be adjusted and even combined into one large megaset that provides hours of fun for your children. Some of the great accessories of Zhu Zhu Pets for this holiday include:

Hamster Funhouse – Hamster Funhouse is actually a hamster accessory for new owner Zhu Zhu. Playset also displays “bumps” specifically in vital parts that stimulate hamsters to make exceptional sounds such as the sound of sleep in the bedroom, or flushing toliets in the bathroom, in conjunction with funny movements. Certainly the Hamster Funhouse also has openings that allow it to connect with other hamet playsets at present obtainable, generating it a good starting point for building your individual Hamster City!

Spiral Slide and Ramp – this playset makes your hamster climb the ramp, then goes down and circles on the big bottle opener slide. Simple additions, but fun for the Hamster Funhouse and other playsets.

Hamster Wheels and Tunnels – Just like real life hamster wheels, Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Wheel and Tunet playset exactly as written on the box; “Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters run fast on the road to jump on the sports wheel and start running”. Just like a real hamster wheel, it can be connected to other playset hamsters. No hamster poop that needs cleaning is also an added value.

Adventure Ball – Another Zhu Zhu Pets accessory inspired by real life, this clear blue ball works by first placing the stabilizer under Zhu Zhu Pet’s hamster, keeping it upside down while inside the ball. The hamster is then placed inside a ball where he is free to explore the world around him, especially on rough surfaces such as the carpet on which Zhu Zhu’s pets themselves may have difficulty stepping on them. As a bonus, the Adventure Ball set also includes the “Rattlin Mini Ball” Clatterin “” which can be pushed by hamsters almost anywhere, including in their own playsets.

Surfboards and Bed Domes – Surfing hamsters are no longer just dreams, now Sleep Surfboards and Dome devices make it a reality. Hamsters You can “surf” around the floor with a surfboard, but it can only surf on land, so don’t try it on the water! Plus, when the hamster is finished for the day, he can rest on the included dome.

Skateboard and U-Turn – Similar to Surfboard and Sleep Dome surfboards, Skateboard and U-Turn sets have small motorized creatures we are curious about handling skateboarding. Zhu Zhu Pets jumps on the skateboard and climbs the included U-Turn incline to go down and down again on the ground or to another connected playset. Maybe not as spectacular as surfing, but how many hamsters do you know can do one, let alone two sports?

Hamstermobile and Garage – Perhaps the most interesting playset is the Hamstermobile and Garage set. Zhu Zhu Pets’ artificial intelligence is shown when the hamster enters the garage, climbs into the Hamstermobile sedan, opens the garage door, and goes alone. Many good times can be enjoyed when watching hamsters direct, accelerate, brake, and reverse Hamstermobile alone. As long as they don’t find a way out of your home and drive on a real life road, that’s all.

Hamster Bed and Blanket with Pet Carrier and Blanket – Both of these accessories give your hamster a comfortable bag like a luxurious place to curl up and “sleep” with Hamster Bed and Blanket, or a gentle and safe way to bring your hamster with you with Pet Carrier and Blanket . Both accessories have a variety of colors, to personalize your Zhu Zhu Pets further.

Certain accessories and playsets are also available bundled with one of five hamsters today, making it easier to have Zhu Zhu’s pet without having to buy it separately. In addition, there are more hamsters and accessories that came in 2010, so prepare a surfboard