Keep Your Pet Happy and Balanced

Our pets are beloved family members. We often get so wrapped up in their cuteness that we find ourselves spoiling them and wanting nothing but the best for them. In addition to toys and tasty treats there are quite a few things we can do for a fur-babies that will enhance their quality of life and keep them well rounded and content.


Exercise is a key to a healthy lifestyle. It does not matter if you have a dog or a cat; you can still provide physical stimulation. Did you know that exercise for your pet is also beneficial for you? It is true. Your dog will love going on lengthy walks throughout your neighborhood. This gives Fido a chance to sniff new things and stretch his legs. The walk is good for you because it gets your circulatory system working overtime and helps build core muscles in your legs, arms and abdominal region. You can optimize this lengthy walk by adding weights to your ankles and keeping track of your steps with a fitness tracker. Don’t rule out exercise if you have a cat. A fun game of chase or tossing around a cat nip coated mouse is good for you and good for your cat as well. Some cats also enjoy walking on leashes and taking in the wonders of the outside environment.

Vet Care

Vet care is important to keep your pet healthy. You should establish your pet with a vet as soon as you adopt it. You will need to take your pet in and have a thorough examination performed. The initial vet visit will typically require a blood sample to check for any areas of concerns and parasites as well as a fecal sample to check for worms or illness. The pet will also …

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