Which Are Smarter Pets – Cats Or Dogs?

Which Are Smarter Pets – Cats Or Dogs?

Have you ever heard someone make reference to themselves as being a cat person or possibly a dog person? One of my best friends in San Diego once asserted that, “Cats have staff and dogs have family.” She is a cat person and I am a puppy person. Although, I actually do love all God’s little critters, cats too, dogs are my personal favorites. The more the merrier in terms of I am concerned. Anyway, we started distinguishing what were the differences between cats and cat people versus dogs and dog people. Here is what we developed.

– There are some dogs that will stop kept with cats

– Dogs having a strong hunting heritage may always view cats as prey and could never be able to be trusted with any small animals

– In addition to hunting dogs, terriers such as Jack Russells and pitbulls are often poor companions for cats

– These dogs have an incredibly strong predatory instinct; they chase and attack moving objects without thinking about whom or what the object may be

– Cats and also other small pets are just too much of a temptation of these dogs

Will a Cat and Dog Attack Each Other?

If a kitten gets older in the household of dogs, the kitten will become adults as being a cat well adjusted to dogs. Same costs a puppy, a puppy is raised inside a household filled up with cats is a bit more more likely to have a very better relationship with these than the usual dog not raised with cats. Keep in mind that cats are incredibly territorial animals, should you bring in a very new puppy to your home which has a full grown cat, it might be a …

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