Planted Tank For Beginner

Doesn’t matter if you are new at fishkeeping, it’s feasible for you to have an excellent aquarium at home by following some simple basic rules. It is even more appealing to have an underwater garden inside your home. A planted tank is not much tough either. Stay tuned to learn the basics of a freshwater planted tank.

Locate the correct tank

Aquariums come in numerous sorts relying upon the material a tank is produced using, its shape, and substance order. The most well-known in homes are freshwater glass aquariums. Great picks for fledglings are rectangular glass aquariums. While globular fish tanks may appear to be charming, they are not suitable for fishes and should always be avoided. The more extensive the tank, the more easier it will be to maintain the water chemistry. But at the same time it could increase cost and make maintenance difficult.

Pick the correct area to put the aquarium

Choosing which part of your home to show your aquarium is critical. Ensure that you pick a location that is not direct to sunlight or open window. It will cause algae issue and temperature imbalance. Additionally, don’t put your aquarium near any apparatuses that radiate warmth. Presentation to wind and warmth are both awful for your fish, as they are delicate to extreme changes in water temperature. Additionally, the breeze makes the water in your tank dissipate rapidly.

Select the substrate and plants

If you are going for a planted aquarium then substrate is the most essential part for plant’s nutrition. There are many commercial aqua-soil that brings great result for the plants. If it doesn’t cover under your budget then you can go for a dirted tank, that is garden soil capped by gravel or sand. You need to put necessary liquid fertilizers regularly to ensure healthy growths of your plants.

Select the right light

LED lights are the best now a day. They bring awesome result in a very cheaper cost compared to metal halide or fluorescent lamps. However select the par and wattage according to the demand of your plants. The best LED lights for planted tank has built in feature to control the intensity and auto timer to replicated natural day-night cycle in the tank. Different types of plant need different light intensity and spectrum. So choose accordingly.

Pressurized CO2

This is a bit advanced stuff but not rocket science. Plants need co2 for making their food with the help of sunlight. So for healthy growth you need pressurized co2 that resolves better in the tank water. However if you are keeping low demanding plants in the tank then you can omit this step.

Select the Heater

For optimum temperature you should select the best aquarium heater that have build in temperature control feature and keeps the temperature fluctuation at minimum level. However to be in the safe side you should use thermostat and another set of thermometer to calibrate the heater temperature.

Proper Filtration

Filtration is very important for planted or non-planted tank simultaneously. If you have a huge tank, go for canister filters. If it is medium you can use hang on back power filter. Keep the filter media clean with a monthly schedule.

Final Words

Having a planted aquarium is beneficial for your mental health also. It is immensely pleasing to stare at the under water garden in your living room. You would be amazed with the beauty of a planted tank. And if you follow the simple steps it would be a matter of days to have a proper planted tank all by yourself.