The Cat Accessory You Need

The Cat Accessory You Need

If you are planning to buy a new cat, you should also consider buying accessories for the cat. Cat accessories are important if you want to get a good, well-behaved cat. Don’t think that your pet only needs food to eat. Remember that cats are animals like us, and they don’t just need food in their lives. They will need other things too.

Some cat accessories that you need to get for your pet

1. Sleeping Bed:- This would help your kitty to have a good sleep any time it wants to sleep. This would also prevent your pet to stop sleeping on your couch or bed. If you get a sleeping bed, you cat might ruin your couch with its nails.

2. Nail trimmers:- You would need this to trim your kitty’s nail, so that it doesn’t ruin your furniture. Kitties love sharpening their nails, and they do love doing that on any surface or material.

3. Scratch Pad:- It can also come as a scratch mat. You would need to train your cat to be using it anytime it wants to sharpen its nails.

4. Pet Carrier:- This is what you would use to carry your pet if you are moving or traveling to a place. This carrier can also be used for dogs, but it depends on the size of the dog.

5. Cat Litter and Pan:- You would have to train your cat to use this. This is what your cat would use to defecate. For those who don’t know how to use it, the cat litter is poured into the pan, and kept in view of the cat. This would enable the cat to see it anytime it wants to excrete any waste products from its body.…

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Cat Pet Insurance and Other Fallacies

Cat Pet Insurance and Other Fallacies

The other day at work I beheld one of God’s most curious, attractive and intelligent creatures: the cat. It was at close range-on the bonnet of my car, in fact. What transpired in the next twenty minutes convinced me that cat pet insurance and cat accessories are quite unnecessary. Cats are a law unto themselves. They have a cunning scheme of world domination, quite obviously own their masters and treat them and everybody else with superior disdain.

Even if you used cat proof fencing these silky smooth operators would find a way to get to the shops and get their hair coiffed and groomed and their nails done at the same time-the bill, of course, no concern to them.

I was briefly resting in my car in between sales calls. It was a bright sunny winter’s day and I was at a Seniors Retirement facility. Whilst nurses and those in their care were planning their day, some taking the sun, a black cat with green eyes jumped on the bonnet of my car and started preening itself.

And I mean-it went to town! It started licking one haunch then the other. Then it looked around furtively and started giving its lower legs a tongue massage, then moving on to its belly where it cleaned and straightened any disheveled tufts of hair.

I was captivated and it seemed the cat did not see me at all through the windscreen, even though I was no more than three feet from it. Perhaps it was the glare of the harsh light that prevented this?-I wondered. The preening carried on for quite a while. At one point the local sphinx locked eyes with me and then, obviously unimpressed with the perceived level of threat, lifted its head imperiously into the crisp winter air and …

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Australian Finches – Their Care and Keep

Australian Finches - Their Care and Keep

Australian finches are remarkable little birds. The name is a broad term and is so named because there are many different types of finches that fit into this category. Some are the Zebra Finch, Painted Finch, Lady Gouldian and there are a variety of more that fit into the category.

Of all of the birds that are considered part of the Australian family the Zebra finch makes the best pet. For those families or individuals that like birds and want a pet this is the most hardy and easy to keep. They do require a few things but nothing of any great work.

Zebra finch as already discussed is part of Australian finches classification. They sing and will do well in a small to medium bird cage. They need a well balanced diet and to be kept warm and out of drafts.

When choosing a pet bird these sweet finches are the easiest to keep. When choosing the right foods for their diets it is important to remember to keep it well balanced with seed, greens and protein. One of the best foods to give them is mashed hard boiled eggs.

When trying to introduce the Australian finch to new foods it is best to do it while they are young. Older birds tend to shy away from anything new and will be harder to convince that the new food supply is good for them. If a breeder has an older bird that will eat a variety of foods many times this bird will be used as a trainer. When it is feeding time the breeder will put the older bird in with the youngsters and they will see the trainer eat the foods. It is important to offer greens to your Australian finches to maintain good health.

Along with …

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10 Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Safe at Halloween


Halloween is an awesome part of the year, when everybody gets to have fun pretending to be whomever or whatever they want, show off their creativity, and gather with friends for a spooky good time. This is not even to mention the treat of seeing little kids and pets dressed up… and the candy! Who can forget the candy?

While the celebration is going on, however, there are some things to remember in order to keep pets happy and healthy during all the hoopla.

1. Most important of any Halloween tip: Don’t feed Fido or Fluffy any candy! Chocolate especially is poisonous to animals, but any sugary treat can be dangerous and make your pet sick. It’s not just the candy itself you need to watch out for, either – the wrappers can cause choking and digestive problems. It’s important to make sure kids understand this too. It’s only natural they want to share their loot with their best friend!

2. Keep your pet away from seasonal produce such as pumpkin and corn -they may not kill your pet, but they can cause serious stomach upset as well.

3. it’s a good idea to keep your pet in a quiet, comfortable room away from the front door during trick or treating hours. Pets can become nervous or frightened by the noise and excitement, or all the strangers appearing at their door. They may try to escape or even bite in such confusing circumstances! Better to let them relax somewhere else in the house, or even crate them with their favorite blanket and toy.

4. If you use some of the imaginative and cool electric decorations out there, make sure the cords and plugs are secured away from your pet’s nosy mouths and paws.

5. If you decide to dress up …

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Make Money With Pet Accessories

Make Money With Pet Accessories

Everyone loves animals, or knows someone who does. Most households in America have accepted their pets as people and love them like family members. One way to tap in to this animal loving epidemic is to make money off of the tags that are used to identify them. Setting up a website that promotes, creates, and/or sells these tags is a way to create a stream of income with as much effort as you would like to put into it.

There are many options available to make money with this method, but all of them require creating a website. You should either utilize the services of a website creator referred to as a webmaster, or simple find the best website builder available. Your website needs to appear professional and secure in order for customers to purchase your products. You must include a secure payment option in order to assure potential customer of legitimacy.

You need to find ways to make your website more noticeable to your target audience. You should include information or blogs about animals, as well as videos or pictures for the audience to view when creating your website. Expound on the fact that these tags can help you find your animal in the event that he or she disappears. Any pet owner who cares about their pet will realize the necessity for these tags and want to protect their animal as best they can. By making your website fresh and informative pet owners will be more willing to return. If they do not purchase the tags on the first visit then they may at a future visit prompted by the information that you provide on the site.

You have the option of creating these tags yourself or promoting a company who does for a percentage of the …

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