Four Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Puppy

So, you’ve decided that your house is missing something – a puppy! A dog will enrich your life in so many different ways, and give you endless moments of joy, love, and fun over his lifetime with you. However, whilst the large majority of puppies will grow up to be healthy, well-behaved, and lovable dogs, your chance of being paired up with the right puppy for you will be much greater if you have a simple checklist to go by when making your choice. Choosing a puppy is an important process, and ensuring that you make the right decision regarding your new pet can help to keep more dogs out of rescue centers. Your puppy will be with you for a long time, so getting it right is vital! Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing your new pup.

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#1. Consider the Cost

First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that you’re going to be able to afford to look after your puppy responsibly, both now and for the rest of their adult life. Vet bills, dog groomers, food, toys, equipment, and even dog-friendly hotels all come at a cost that will add up over time, and to be a responsible dog owner, you’ll need to have time, energy, and funds available. Do you have regular disposable income that you can afford to dedicate to your dog?

#2. Choosing the Right Breed

Before picking your perfect puppy, it’s important to sit down and think about the type of dog breeds that are going to be the most suitable for you. For example, if you live in a small house or apartment, then it’s probably not going to be the best of ideas to pick out a German Shepherd or Husky puppy, no matter how cute and fluffy they look right now. Always consider what your puppy is going to grow up to be like! For example, choosing a Border Collie puppy is probably not the wisest of ideas if you will have little time to walk it and give it attention throughout the day. Consider popular puppy breeds, however, and always go with the breed that best fits your lifestyle.

#3. Research the Breeder

If you are planning to buy your puppy from a breeder, then it’s important to take your time to research them and ensure that they are reputable before handing any money over. Do you know anybody who has previously had a puppy from this particular breeder? If so, it’s a good idea to speak to them and find out whether they would recommend the breeder, whether they had any problems with their pup, and if the dog seemed well cared for.

#4. Speak to Your Vet

Lastly, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a reputable vet, who may be able to put you in touch with trusted and suitable dog breeders in your area. Your vet will also be able to give you valuable advice on puppy and dog care, along with helping you determine which type of pup is going to be the best companion for you.

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