Five Benefits of Keeping a Collection of Toys for Your Dog

Whether you have a puppy or a dog, a collection of dog toys can do more than just keep your dog occupied for a couple hours. Checkout five of the many benefits of building a collection of dog toys for your precious pet.

Relieving Boredom and Preventing Damage to Your Home

A rubber bone, a ball or a chew rope are all great ideas if you’re looking to add to your dog’s collection of toys. When you give your dog a toy, it has something it can chew on safely and happily. Giving your dog a toy to play with means it won’t be as likely to chew on chair legs, shoes, books or other valuable items in your home.

Dental Care

Some toys are designed to help clean your dog’s teeth. Over time, dog food and particles from dog treats can build up on your dog’s teeth. This can cause bacteria to develop and may result in dental issues for your dog. When a dog chews on a toy, it loosens this build up allowing your dog to have healthy, clean teeth. Just think, your dog is cleaning its teeth and gums while having an entertaining time playing with its favorite toys.

Connecting with Your Dog

Is your dog shy? Maybe you adopted a dog that suffered abuse at the hands of its previous owner. If so, offering a toy to your dog can be a great way to connect with it. Naturally, you want to put your dog at ease and let it know you can be trusted. A ball, frisbee or chew rope are all excellent options if you want to interact with your dog with the help of a fun, engaging toy.

Encouraging Your Dog to Be More Social

Perhaps you take your dog to the local dog park each week. Does your dog interact with the other dogs there or does it keep to itself? If your dog has trouble interacting with other dogs, try taking a few toys along with you the next time you visit the dog park. Two dogs tossing a chew rope around or passing a squeaky ball back and forth can be a bonding activity. Think of a dog toy as a tool for introducing your dog to the other dogs at the park. If you’re thinking about a new toy for your canine, visit for dog products.


Depending on the breed of dog you own, you may have one with a hyper, nervous nature. If so, a chew toy can serve to calm your nervous dog and get it to relax at home. In fact, your dog may go to the toy when it feels the need to calm itself after dealing with a difficult encounter with another animal or any other trying experience.

So, if you decide to get a dog or a puppy, make sure to put three or four dog toys on your list of supplies. Make sure you purchase some made with environmentally-friendly materials that will endure rough treatment from your dog or puppy. Chances are, your dog will find a favorite, go-to toy somewhere in your collection.