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    Tips on How to Potty Train a Puppy

    tiny dogPuppies are blessing in every home. They’re adorable, fun and mischievous little bundles of joy, and you can’t help but love them. Something you don’t love? Potty training them.

    Like working with a little child, housebreaking a puppy can be trying, exhausting and time consuming. If you’re aiming to housebreak your little one, try these tips to make your life a little easier and help your new puppy learn how to go potty outside a bit quicker.

    Develop a schedule and stick with it!

    Puppies are similar to children in many ways and work best with a solid routine. Every morning, when you wake up, take the puppy outside. Establish convenient, regular times during the day, and do your best to take him out at those certain times every day.

    The routine teaches your puppy when they will have the opportunity to go outside and ensures they get to go frequently. The same principle can be used for feedings and exercise as well.

    Doing the same things at the same times every day will establish a strong routine for a new puppy. You’ll find a good routine will do wonders for your puppy’s confidence as well. They’ll quickly take their place as a loving family member.

    Take frequent potty breaks

    The problem with puppies is that they don’t yet understand that there is a link between needing to go and actually going. Until they understand you intend for them to wait to go until they’re outside, frequency is your friend.

    Taking them outside, even when they don’t have to go, will help the puppy establish that mental link between needing to go and waiting to go.

    Be positive!

    Like anyone else, positivity affects positively. When your puppy does his business outside, let him know he’s done a good job! Praise him and show him he’s on the right track.

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but try not to punish him for accidents. That only gives him a negative feeling regarding going to the bathroom and may actually make him have more frequent accidents indoors.

    Instead of punishing, positively reinforce the right action. “No, no, no, we go outside.” Take him outside, even if he doesn’t have to go, to reaffirm the right action without punishing.

    Your puppy’s need for your approval and praise will drive him to do what you want him to.

    Try a crate

    Crate training has become a very popular method in recent years. The theory behind it is that dogs do not want to soil in their own beds, for obvious reasons. It reinforces the idea of teaching them to control their bladders and bowels.

    Make sure the crate is not too big, but not too small either. When no one is available to take the puppy outside, put him or her in the crate. If he or she does soil the crate, the puppy will not like it very much and will probably do its best not to do it again.

    Try using puppy pads

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