• Dog Accessories to Make Traveling Easier
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    Dog Accessories to Make Traveling Easier

    It’s coming up on summer now and we’re all getting ready for our trips to the cabin, long rides on the road, and sunny days in the open. And, of course, your dog is just as excited about all of it as you are. But, traveling with your dog isn’t always easy, tidy, or organized and sometimes having a few extra accessories can make all the difference between a relaxing trip and a stressful one. With that in mind, let’s go over some of your options for dog accessories on the road.

    Seat covers – If your dog tends to shed a lot, or get dirty, then you’re more than likely going to want to buy a seat cover for your backseat. You can get them custom made, but more than likely you’ll find one that’s the right size and style for you and your dog. For particularly large dogs that like to move around the backseat a lot, consider getting a dog hammock. These hammocks essentially keep your dog snugly comfortable while providing total protection for the back of your car.

    Kennel – If your dog has a tendency to jump between the front and back seats, tries to get onto your lap when you’re driving, or is always trying to get out the window; get yourself a suitable kennel until your dog learns some road manners. Driving is very exciting for your dog and they may not always understand the dangers, give them time and play it safe until they start to calm down and sit still on trips.

    Travel Dog Bowl – You may not be aware of this, but when those little amounts of water come dribbling onto your floor or seat because of a bump, swerve, or overly enthusiastic dog, they inevitably cause damage and potentially mold. Having a dog dish in the car isn’t a bad idea, but make sure you have a way to make it stay snugly in place. Find something that resists spilling and is preferably made of something more durable than plastic (as the cold can make it crack).…

  • Dog Collars and Leashes Needed for Safety
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    Dog Collars and Leashes Needed for Safety

    Dog Collars and Leashes are known dog accessories to keep their pet safe and protected. When you decide to go for a walk outside and would want a companion? Our dogs are our best volunteer, and we all know that.

    But you have to keep in mind that when we think of strolling with our dogs, we have to make sure that our pets are unharmed and can do no harm to others. Do harm to others? Yes, even if you have the friendliest dog in the neighborhood, there are situations that are just way out of our control that they can do harm and damages to others. How to prevent this situation to happen? Make sure that when you go out, put a leash and collar on your dog.

    Collars and leashes are very helpful accessories. They are often called accessories for safety. Though, we all know that in the market nowadays, there are different kinds of collars and leashes that vary in style and designs. We may just think that collars and leashes are just mere dog accessories. They are not important or even considered necessary. But these dog accessories have a purpose. Just like the example that i have mentioned in the above paragraph. When you go out with your dog without a collar and a leash on can be extremely dangerous.

    Dogs get easily attracted to food, especially when they are hungry and what if on your way home your dog saw some kids eating hotdogs or chicken drumstick, food that entices a hungry dog. Dog’s instinct would be to jump over those kids and snatch away their food. What if more than that happens like one of the kids get bitten by your dog? Or what if your dog crosses the street and get bumped in a passing car. A lot of terrible things can happen without a collar and a leash on your dogs. I know, that is the least that you wish to happen.

    No matter how friendly your dog seems to be, dog collars and leashes are still needed for your dog’s safety as well as others.…

  • The Cat Accessory You Need

    The Cat Accessory You Need

    If you are planning to buy a new cat, you should also consider buying accessories for the cat. Cat accessories are important if you want to get a good, well-behaved cat. Don’t think that your pet only needs food to eat. Remember that cats are animals like us, and they don’t just need food in their lives. They will need other things too.

    Some cat accessories that you need to get for your pet

    1. Sleeping Bed:- This would help your kitty to have a good sleep any time it wants to sleep. This would also prevent your pet to stop sleeping on your couch or bed. If you get a sleeping bed, you cat might ruin your couch with its nails.

    2. Nail trimmers:- You would need this to trim your kitty’s nail, so that it doesn’t ruin your furniture. Kitties love sharpening their nails, and they do love doing that on any surface or material.

    3. Scratch Pad:- It can also come as a scratch mat. You would need to train your cat to be using it anytime it wants to sharpen its nails.

    4. Pet Carrier:- This is what you would use to carry your pet if you are moving or traveling to a place. This carrier can also be used for dogs, but it depends on the size of the dog.

    5. Cat Litter and Pan:- You would have to train your cat to use this. This is what your cat would use to defecate. For those who don’t know how to use it, the cat litter is poured into the pan, and kept in view of the cat. This would enable the cat to see it anytime it wants to excrete any waste products from its body.…

  • Cat Pet Insurance and Other Fallacies
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    Cat Pet Insurance and Other Fallacies

    The other day at work I beheld one of God’s most curious, attractive and intelligent creatures: the cat. It was at close range-on the bonnet of my car, in fact. What transpired in the next twenty minutes convinced me that cat pet insurance and cat accessories are quite unnecessary. Cats are a law unto themselves. They have a cunning scheme of world domination, quite obviously own their masters and treat them and everybody else with superior disdain.

    Even if you used cat proof fencing these silky smooth operators would find a way to get to the shops and get their hair coiffed and groomed and their nails done at the same time-the bill, of course, no concern to them.

    I was briefly resting in my car in between sales calls. It was a bright sunny winter’s day and I was at a Seniors Retirement facility. Whilst nurses and those in their care were planning their day, some taking the sun, a black cat with green eyes jumped on the bonnet of my car and started preening itself.

    And I mean-it went to town! It started licking one haunch then the other. Then it looked around furtively and started giving its lower legs a tongue massage, then moving on to its belly where it cleaned and straightened any disheveled tufts of hair.

    I was captivated and it seemed the cat did not see me at all through the windscreen, even though I was no more than three feet from it. Perhaps it was the glare of the harsh light that prevented this?-I wondered. The preening carried on for quite a while. At one point the local sphinx locked eyes with me and then, obviously unimpressed with the perceived level of threat, lifted its head imperiously into the crisp winter air and carried on with its feline grooming.

    I felt a curious mixture of amusement, awe and envy at the creature’s complete indifference to me and its surroundings-an indifference combined with an aura of peace within itself that exuded from every pore.

    Eventually once thoroughly coiffed and preened, it jumped off my bonnet without so much as a “thank you” for providing it a platform in the sunshine, and wandered casually in through a door where it was welcomed by one of the senior denizens with a smile and a plate of milk.

    I on the other hand had to consider how I was going to attain my weekly quota in the world of humanity and commerce where most of my groceries and provisions did not come so easy. Who was it, I thought, that was the one really in charge here? The cat or I, the latest soppy human to provide it with its current lodging?

    Cats have been around since the Sphinx and beyond and were at one time worshiped. Perhaps some dim, ancient memory surfaces in our modern specimens causing them to aspire to their old, exalted position.

    Do they need insurance at all? Do they get sick? Well, …

  • Australian Finches - Their Care and Keep
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    Australian Finches – Their Care and Keep

    Australian finches are remarkable little birds. The name is a broad term and is so named because there are many different types of finches that fit into this category. Some are the Zebra Finch, Painted Finch, Lady Gouldian and there are a variety of more that fit into the category.

    Of all of the birds that are considered part of the Australian family the Zebra finch makes the best pet. For those families or individuals that like birds and want a pet this is the most hardy and easy to keep. They do require a few things but nothing of any great work.

    Zebra finch as already discussed is part of Australian finches classification. They sing and will do well in a small to medium bird cage. They need a well balanced diet and to be kept warm and out of drafts.

    When choosing a pet bird these sweet finches are the easiest to keep. When choosing the right foods for their diets it is important to remember to keep it well balanced with seed, greens and protein. One of the best foods to give them is mashed hard boiled eggs.

    When trying to introduce the Australian finch to new foods it is best to do it while they are young. Older birds tend to shy away from anything new and will be harder to convince that the new food supply is good for them. If a breeder has an older bird that will eat a variety of foods many times this bird will be used as a trainer. When it is feeding time the breeder will put the older bird in with the youngsters and they will see the trainer eat the foods. It is important to offer greens to your Australian finches to maintain good health.

    Along with food for the diets is fresh water. Australian finches will need to have fresh water available to them at all times. Because they are small it is very easy for them to become dehydrated and very hard to rehydrate them. If this happens and a small Australian finch needs to be hydrated it will take the help of an expert or animal doctor (vet). Many times the birds die due to not having access to fresh water.

    Breeding finches is not as hard as many would think. As long as there is a pair and they get along things usually go well. It is very important to know that when Australian finches are molting they are under stress. This is not a good time to introduce anything new. When speaking of nothing new while molting this also goes for introducing a new mate.

    When an Australian finch owner decides they want to begin breeding these lovely birds there is really no change in diet needed. If they are on a well-maintained and healthy diet they will have all they need. Many new breeders are under the impression that more food is needed. If your finches are well cared for there …